Meet the Team

Duane Klein – Owner and Head Craftsman

Duane is a craftsman and musician originally from Atlanta. He has lived in every part of the country, finding new inspiration at every stop and becoming a bit of a renaissance man along the way. His biggest passions are bass playing and guitar building so, it was only natural that he would start a business making guitars. After several years of following this passion he felt it was time to fully embrace his love of traditional craftsmanship, and thus DEK Craftworks was born. He now spends his days creating items utilizing techniques that harken back to a time when most things were still made by hand.

Evelyn Francis – Pyrography Artist and Sales

Evelyn is a Saco based pyrography artist that has been honing her skills for the past four years. She was introduced to painting and craftsmanship at an early age by mentoring with her grandmother, a local artist who has made a living out of her artistic ability. Determined to follow these same steps and harness her passion, she has found her calling in burning. Evelyn believes in the power of idiosyncratic expression, and therefore focuses on custom work and symbolism to fit any individual.

Jaime Strenkert – Admin and Leathercrafts

Photos and More Bios Coming Soon!